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April 12, 2008
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Alyx Captured by Sir-Bombers Alyx Captured by Sir-Bombers
EDIT Sep 27 2010: If I'm not mistaken, this is the most viewed picture of Alyx Vance on Deviant Art! Amazing!

Feb 29 2012: If you're into it...check out my latest foot fetish themed Alyx Vance pic here...

2013 Note... The picture above caters to individuals who have tickling kink and/or foot fetish interests. However non-fetishists are free to enjoy it just the same. Also this picture was drawn when I was still learning how to visually it will have to receive an upgrade in the future... ;)

Hello everyone!

Boy... do I love Half Life 2.

Especially Alyx...

She is so sexy to me... I love her expressions...

If you haven't played the first Half Life on PC and/or Half Life 2 and both episodes on xbox 360, PC or ps3... then you're missing out on a real treat in terms of video games!

All the Half Life games are wonderful!

Go check them out! :D

and now for the pic...

Here we have Alyx Vance... A major player who's part of the human resistence in the war against the "combine", an alien race bent on taking over earth and destroying all human life... She and Gordon Freeman, the main hero of Half Life (and the person you control in the game), go through many squads of Combine soldiers in order to save all of humanity.

But at the moment ... Alyx has been captured by the Combine!

The Combine know that Alyx is way too valuable to kill and they need her for information about the resistance.

Certain methods are very effective in gathering information as you can see in the pic...

Full body tickling would make any tough cookie crumble right? :D

They know that even though Alyx is very strong willed, her body is very sensitive to tickly touches.


What the Combine don't know is how tough Alyx is to crack. The longer they take...the more time they give Gordon to save her...

It won't be long now till he come to the rescue...

but for our sakes...I hope he takes his time so we can enjoy the show!


I love this pic... so much going on... I think I did a great job with the colors

I made this pic because I haven't seen any pics of Alyx being tickled at all...What a shame! I made sure that she is not left out anymore. She just to sexy to not be tickled.

Alyx is on my list of Video Game girls who need to be tickled. There are some stories of her getting tickled... But a pic is a lot more satisfying...

I hope you Guys and Gals like it.

Tell me what you think!

"Alyx Vance" is the created and (c) to Valve Corporation
(They're so awesome!)

Everything drawn and colored by me... Bombers

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Maybe u can make a drawing where her clothes are being cut from her body with a stone? Or her shoelaces cut with stones? Or her socks? Or her panties stretched far with fabric ripped? Or maybe all her clothes ripped and torn but still on her body?
srMichaelBucket Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
When I get tickled, I yell (not laugh) until it stops.
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